Specialisation: technological innovation to address social challenges, such as:

  • lifestyle management and decision support – including health promotion, health management and care, e-therapy, cognitive assistance, adult learning and creativity support (among others).
  • exploring ways to include user perspectives in IT systems. A user’s perspective is their story about their goals, aspirations and concerns (it’s not just about usability);
  • enhancing user ownership of digital systems –  through co-design and participation.

I can help with:

  • connecting SMEs, non-profits and others to university research groups, and helping them to apply for funding.
  • software prototyping for feasibility and experimentation (I enjoy Python programming for rapid prototyping but can do Java or other languages as required)
  • technical writing: formulation of coherent arguments for white papers and funding proposals
  • surveys of latest research.

Contact: catm.kennedy [at] gmail [dot] com.

My background: I was a software developer in UK and Germany before coming to Birmingham for PhD research in Computer Science. Since then I have been an academic researcher in Birmingham and in Manchester as well as at MIT for one year as a visiting scientist. I’m passionate about research in cognitive science. I have a blog at


Academic Website:

Twitter: @CatMKennedy


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