Some explorations in Javascript

To get familiar with javascript best practices, I started a small project to improve user control of a web experience. I often get annoyed at the way some websites assume a certain cognitive style and don’t let me change anything (apart from maybe the font size for the whole page). So I put some code on GitHub at: This is currently very simple; it provides some hotkeys for changing the font size or colour of a section of text. For example, a user might want to mark some part of the text as important, or minimise/delete another section as irrelevant.

As a longer term aim, I support the idea of helping users to participate in the design and personalisation of their web or mobile experience. This is not just about the surface “look and feel”, but also about the underlying architecture: what kind of information is considered important, and how is it presented? An example might be a health advice application that adapts to the concepts and experiences of the patient. This is the idea behind “Health 2.0” which I have recently started to find out more about.

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